Reasons to consider a painted portrait


A painted portrait is unlike anything else in the world. It’s not just ordering a picture of someone, it is engaging an artist to bring out the character of the subject in a totally unique way. A portrait artist truly creates a "lasting impression" of a subject.

Reasons for commissioning a portrait are legion. In many cases, a portrait is a tribute. Here are some typical ideas:

  • A gift
    (not only the painting, but the entire rich experience of the process)
  • A tribute to their children by parents
  • A tribute to parents by adult children
  • A wedding anniversary tribute
  • A memorial tribute for a loved one
  • A tribute to a business executive
  • A tribute to an academic professional
  • A tribute to a law firm partner
  • A tribute to a military officer
  • A tribute to a member of the clergy

Remember, a fine portrait lasts for the ages. The archival nature of an oil painting will last almost forever. Many examples of European oil paintings have endured hundreds of years and still look great.